Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Why do you need Disaster Recovery? How often to you backup your data?
Is it safe and secure? How would you cope without it?
These are questions you need to be able to answer with confidence.

Data Recovery

Don't lose important data, let us save your data either to a DVD disk, external hard drive or transfer it to another computer or laptop. We are very successful in recovering data from faulty or damaged hard drives. If the hard drive has been totally damaged either by fire or water we can send it to our Disaster Recovery team who will be able to recover your data quickly and efficiently.


If access to your data and e-mail is critical to your business, you need to be sure unexpected events don't impact on your ability to deliver your day to day business requirements.

Loss of business data will negatively effect your business life and destroy business values. All business are vulnerable to theft, fire, flood and virus attacks.

The best way to protect your data is to use offsite data backup system to complement local backup solutions.

50% of UK companies do not have any data recovery plan in place. Without a 100% secure backup of your data you make your business very vulnerable. Imagine losing your data . . . At such a moment an offsite backup solution is of essential importance to your business. With the ermergance of virtualised network environments a required change has to be considered. ASE Computers of course have responded to take account of this wth products such as SODA, Altaro and Macrium

What is Altaro?

Altaro Software provides award-winning and easy-to-use solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware VM backup, O365 backup and physical server backup.

What is Macrium?

Macrium Reflect is image based backup and cloning software. Macrium Reflect creates an accurate and reliable image of a hard disk or the partitions on the disk. ASE Computers use this to backup PCs and servers where the other solutions don't work.

What is SODA?

SODA (Secure Offsite Data Archive) is a fully automated offsite backup and disaster recovery managed service for businesses of all sizes. A simple, totally secure and cost effective way to backup your mission critical data ensuring it will always be available for restore regardless of disaster.

Some of the Benefits of SODA:

  • Peace of Mind - SODA is a managed service, we look after everything
  • Elimination of time and management costs
  • No need for new and replacement tape media or collection and storage for tapes
  • Easy to budget - fixed monthly pricing plans
  • Multiple file versions are stored - files can be recovered from previous days or weeks or months, not just the latest version

For more information on SODA and to arrange a free 30 day trial: Call us now.